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SEO or search engine optimization is the method of improving the visibility of a web page and/or a website in the search engines through the natural or un-paid results. The visitors a certain website gets depend on how higher its rank is on search engine results; of course, the higher the rank, the more chances of getting more visitors. However, this search engine optimization does not only focus on certain websites, it also includes video search, photo search, academic, news, industry-specific, and local searches. Being a form of interment marketing strategy, this SEO considers how the search engines work, what most people search for, which search engines are often chosen by their board of audience, and what actual search terms are often used and typed on those search engines.

Optimizing a certain site may involve editing its HTML, website contents, and other associated coding to increase the relevance of the site to specific keywords. This strategy will also help eliminate the barriers to the indexing activities of the search engines. Another SEO tactic on promoting a site is increasing the inbound links and back links.

Search engine marketing what many wanted to know for it is already scattered all over the internet how this can help one earn. However, for those who do not understand this quite a bit, they often ask, “why do we need this search engine marketing anyway?” 2 main reasons for needing SEM is that 93% of internet searchers do not go further than the second page of the search engines, so how will your business be discovered and grow if it can’t even get into the first 2 pages of the search engines? Another reason is that 33% of internet users believe that companies who are found in the top pages of these search engines are companies of major brands in the products they focus.

This SEM obviously plays a great role in helping small businesses to increase their SEO abilities and knowledge. Since the SEO is considered as a major entity in increasing daily visitors, there is no doubt that this is one of the many things people should learn if they want to earn more. Search engine optimization also helps a website get visits from its target audience, but this will happen only if the contents in that website and the keywords are connected.

This SEO is not that difficult to learn. There are many comments and articles all over the internet that tackles about search engine optimization have one thin in common – bottom line is: no matter how easy or difficult it is for one person to learn about SEO, still it is considered as one of the most effective technique in earning online.

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